Strategies for New Family Members

You just had a baby. Now what?

Well, first you need to hop on and setup a recurring monthly delivery of diapers and wipes. Let the UPS delivery person haul around your heavy diaper boxes while you relax in your home enjoying time with a cup of coffee and your sleeping newborn.

Now that the diapers and wipes are handled, let’s talk about more important matters such as protecting your family’s future by making solid financial decisions today.  When a baby arrives in a home, it changes things.  Dads become protective of their baby girl and moms make sure their baby boy has the safest place to grow and learn. We also need to protect our family’s finances and that’s where our agency can help you.

How LIFE insurance plays into it?

When you bring children into your family, it’s added responsibility on the parents to make sure they’re given a safe and loving environment.  Too often, families neglect to plan for the future in case a parent was to pass away. Life insurance plays in important role in keeping children and a surviving spouse protected financially.  Whether you want to pay off your home mortgage, leave money for your children’s college fund, or leave a nest egg for your spouse, we can help examine your family’s specific needs and goals and design a life insurance plan that’s best for you.

How HEALTH insurance plays into it?

Are you looking for a stand-alone health insurance policy for your child?  Is it too expensive where you work to add your child to your group benefits plan? Our agency can shop health insurance rates for you and find medical coverage that will work best for your child and your family.