Strategies for Businesses

You own or started a BUSINESS. Now what?

Benefits offered through the workplace have become increasingly important, and are a key factor when job applicants pick one job over the other. After a higher salary, workplace benefits are what employees ask for the most from their employers.  By offering your employees a benefits package, you can help recruit, retain, and keep your existing employees happy working for your company. It costs time and money to hire and train new employees so any steps an employer can take to reduce turnover among staff will ultimately help your company be more productive and successful.

How VOLUNTARY benefits play into it?

Health care reform and rising health care costs are causing employers to seek out voluntary benefit options for their employees. Voluntary (or supplemental) insurance allows employees to choose their own benefits that will help their family the most. We can help you offer these products which include: Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance, Accidental Injury, and Cancer Insurance. In addition to these listed, there are many other benefits we can help your company offer to your employees. 

How HEALTH insurance plays into it?

Health insurance is a critical piece of an employee benefits plan and health care benefits are one of the most popular benefits requested by employees.  When your employees have health insurance, they’re more likely to visit their doctor and stay in good health.  This is important to employers since it will reduce employee’s time missed due to illness. Our agency can help you choose a health insurance plan that will provide a valuable workplace benefit to your employees.