Individual Life

Need a quote for individual life insurance?

Need a quote for individual life insurance?

Life insurance is one of the things we purchase and hope we never have to use.  But we’re not buying life insurance for ourselves.  We’re buying it for the ones we love.  Life insurance helps a husband and a wife sleep better at night knowing their family’s finances and home are secure since they purchased life insurance to protect them.  We look at each family’s specific needs and then design a life insurance plan that suits them best.

We partner with 20+ life insurance companies in order to find the best rate for you.  We’re not tied to a specific life insurance company so we will always quote your insurance with all of our companies in order to find the best product for you or your family.  Once we’ve found the best product for you, we can also do telephone and online applications which will greatly decrease the time it takes to get your life insurance in place.

Let us know how we can help your family meet your financial goals with life insurance.  We’d be honored to help.

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    Term Life

    Term life (or temporary life) is insurance that provides coverage at fixed payments for a specific period of time.  After that period expires, the rate you pay for the insurance will begin to increase.  Typical term life policies will last for 10, 15, 20, or even 30 years.  After your term ends, the policy will continue, but you begin paying higher premiums for your policy.  Typically at this point, clients choose to cancel the policy since they no longer need it, or they apply for a different policy with a lower premium to replace their older and now more expensive policy.

    Term Life policies are popular with young families since they can purchase a large amount of coverage for less premium.  This allows a family to have low-cost life insurance protection while they have children at home or in college.

    Whole Life

    Whole Life is an insurance policy guaranteed to stay in force during an insured’s entire lifetime provided that premiums are paid and the policy hasn’t reached its maturity date.  Since Whole Life policies are guaranteed to remain in force throughout a person’s entire life, the premiums are typically much higher than a Term Life policy which has a specific level term period.

    Universal Life

    Universal Life Insurance is a more flexible form of permanent life insurance.  It combines the lower cost protection of Term Life insurance and adds in a savings component like Whole Life. These savings can be invested in the policy to build up cash value over time. The death benefit, savings, and premium you pay for these policies can be changed in the future should a different need arise with your life insurance plan.