Strategies for Retirement and Job Changes

You retired or changed jobs. Now what?

With retirement or job changes there are several ways in which we can help with your insurance needs.  Whether you’ve retired early to enjoy life, or you’re in the middle of a job change and going to a new employer, these life events require you to make decisions about your insurance coverage and we can help you with those decisions.


How LIFE insurance plays into it?

If you’re retiring or changing jobs, you might have had a group life insurance policy through your former employer.  Typically, these group life insurance policies are only in force while you are an active employee of the company. Sometimes you are able to take those life policies with you after you retire or leave employment, but the premium typically increases substantially.  This would be a good time to review your family’s life insurance strategy and see if there are other life insurance products that work better for your family’s financial goals.


How HEALTH insurance plays into it?

If you’re retiring early, you might not be eligible for Medicaid.  We can help find a health insurance product that will fill the gap between your retirement and the date that you become Medicare-eligible.


If you’re changing jobs, you will likely have a waiting period at your new employer before your health insurance begins.  We can help fill this gap with a short-term medical policy so that you and your family will always be protected from the financial burden of going uninsured without medical insurance.  If your new employer does not offer health insurance, we can help find a medical plan that will work best for you and your family.